More than 50 successful Fastbraces cases in Adelaide

Elite Dental Adelaide is the First Fast Braces SENIOR MASTER Affiliate in South Australia

Elite Dental Adelaide

Get quick straight smile only in few months with Fastbraces

At Elite Dental Adelaide, we have had 50 cases done to help correct many types of misaligned and improperly placed teeth with the Fastbraces® treatment. It is an efficient and effective solution for a number of concerns, including spaced or crowded teeth and incorrect bites.

If you’re worried about spaced/crowded teeth and incorrect bites, let Elite Dental Adelaide help you with our Fastbraces® technology.

Straight teeth in six months? It’s possible with Fastbraces® at Elite Dental Adelaide

Apart from making you look and feel good, what other benefits are there in getting your teeth straightened?

  • No extractions needed
  • 80% patients can be treated
  • Patented brackets that put less pressure on teeth and uses single wire to straighten teeth
  • Less proven complications like root resorption and pain
  • Fastest results -some cases are as less as 120 days
  • Cost effective than conventional braces
  • Proven track record-R&D -evidence based results
  • Saves money and time

What our Fastbraces patients have said

“I currently have their FASTBRACES and I was really surprised and joyous at how quickly my teeth are moving! All my friends have had braces for 3+ years and I was dreading having them on for so long because of one of my crooked teeth. I have had them on for not even 8 months and it looks like I only need them for another few months. On top of that I was really happy that none of my teeth had to be removed! Staff are really friendly and helpful! Overall, I am very impressed and have loved my experience at Coast Dental!”  Vincent Stender

“Thanks so much to the team at coast dental for transforming my whole face with wonderful new teeth!!!! I feel wonderful. A smile is infectious, and I feel amazing!!!!” – Michelle Brock

With 50 cases showing proven results from correcting many types of misaligned to improperly placed teet, our Fastbraces® treatment is an efficient and effective solution for you.